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Fintech startup Native Teams expands in 55+ countries around the globe

Native Teams

Native Teams: All-In-One Account For Your Work Payment Needs

Jack Thorogood, the Founder and CEO of Native Teams

Jack Thorogood, the Founder and CEO of Native Teams

Aleksandra Mitrevska, the Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of Native Teams

Aleksandra Mitrevska, the Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of Native Teams

Native Teams, founded in 2020 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and freelancers, has rapidly expanded its footprint to more than 55 countries.

"Our goal is to be like a ‘Shopify for Employment’, giving employers the full basket of tools they need to employ people well.”
— Jack Thorogood, the Founder and CEO of Native Teams
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 27, 2023 / -- In a world where remote work has become the new norm, one fintech startup is making waves by simplifying the complex landscape of global expansion, employment, and payments.

Native Teams, founded in 2020 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and freelancers, has rapidly expanded its footprint to more than 55 countries, revolutionising how businesses and independent workers manage remote work relationships.

With a humble beginning in 2018, the idea for Native Teams unfolded from the personal struggles of its founders in the remote work and freelance industry. Two years later, in 2020, the startup introduced its visionary platform to the world.

After successful incorporation in the country of headquarters, North Macedonia, Native Teams continue extending their reach in Balkan countries, the majority of Europe, North and South America, and the Asian and Australian regions. At present, Native Teams’ tax and legal teams count over 150 individuals in more than 55 countries.

Jack Thorogood, the Founder and CEO of Native Teams, enthusiastically shared his thoughts on the company's accomplishments. "In the countries where we’ve been for the longest, we are beginning to be seen as a valuable addition to how employers pay, and employees and freelancers get paid for the work that they do," said Jack.

Native Teams’ greatest mission is to redefine work payments and local employment, shaped by the founders’ personal experiences and the drive to simplify the intricate remote work landscape.

What is Native Teams?

Native Teams stands at the forefront of a new era in remote work management. Their platform serves as a one-stop solution, redefining how businesses and freelancers handle employment status and tax frameworks, process payments, and navigate administrative systems.
The startup’s dedication to streamlining these aspects allows users to focus on their core work while Native Teams takes care of the intricate paperwork.

What Native Teams offers?

In a world where the boundaries of work have expanded beyond traditional office setups, Native Teams reimagines employment and payments with simplified solutions for freelancers and employers.

Solution for individuals

Navigating the labyrinth of freelance work and independent employment is no longer something freelancers have to tackle alone.

With Native Teams’ presence in over 55 countries, freelancers can easily obtain legal employment status in their country. Besides being properly employed through Native Teams’ legal entities, freelancers also get access to a payroll platform where they can manage payments and invoices, calculate and optimise taxes, and maximise earnings without worrying about law compliance. The platform also provides a multi-currency digital wallet and a virtual or physical Native Teams card for online or in-store shopping.

Whether it’s for securing a proper employment status, simplifying payments or optimising taxes, Native Teams is freelancers’ partner on the path to success.

Solution for businesses

Native Teams also allows businesses to thrive on the global market without carrying the weight of administrative burdens.

By having Native Teams as a legal employer, organisations can hire professionals and offer compliant employment contracts without setting up legal entities.

Native Teams’ platform also allows employers to manage global payroll, taxes, and benefits for their employees worldwide. Featuring a centralised dashboard with localised calculators, employers can calculate salaries, expenses, and taxes, as well as provide payments and benefits for their employees.
With Native Teams’ Employer of record solutions, businesses are getting guidance and support from seasoned tax and legal professionals. The result? More time to grow and maximise earnings.

How Native Teams differs from competitors?

What truly sets Native Teams apart is its genesis - a startup born from a genuine necessity, not a market analysis. The founders’ own journey through the challenges of remote work gave them a profound understanding of the struggles faced by employees, remote workers, and freelancers.

Aleksandra Mitrevska, the Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of Native Teams, shared her perspective on the company’s values. “With Native Teams, we managed to emphasise the fact that the future of work is the employee/individual deciding how and when to get paid.”, said Aleksandra.

Leveraging their first-hand experience and understanding, Native Teams aims to be the trusted ally for all their users. This results in a complete B2B offering that simplifies payroll processing, tax frameworks, complex administrative systems, and ever-evolving laws.

Another unique advantage of Native Teams lies in the strategically distributed teams all across the globe. The diverse group of teams is crucial for tapping and providing local insights, market-specific understanding, and round-the-clock support to all users. Native Teams’ personal approach, along with the global presence commitment, sets them apart as a genuine strategic partner offering solutions that resonate with users all across the world.

What is in the future for Native Teams?

Looking ahead to what’s next for Native Teams, the startup is still at the beginning of its journey to reshape employment and remuneration.

“Expanding to more than 55 countries is an appetite we have for the solutions and ideas we bring ahead, for individuals first and foremost, and then for their employers. We help them have the flexibility and ease to work together no matter where they are, taking over the bureaucracy or local employment and payments and leaving them only the fine art of working!” said Aleksandra while discussing Native Teams' promising road ahead.

By approaching the market from an entirely personal perspective, Native Teams aim to simplify the daunting global expansion process and allow employers, employees, and individuals to focus on what they do best - without carrying the weight of complex administration.

"Our goal is to be like a ‘Shopify for Employment’, giving employers the full basket of tools they need to employ people well. For employees, we simply want to be the best place for them to receive their payments for work," is what Jack outlined for Native Teams’ future endeavours.

By offering a user-friendly platform that handles the complexities of remote work, Native Teams is paving the path for businesses and independent workers to thrive in a world where teamwork and connection define success.

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