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Pre-Market Trading Snapshot: 03:20 Hrs GMT Percentage Gains

January 6, 2011 (FinancialWire) (http://www.financialwire.net/) (Investrend Information Syndicate) — As of 03:20 hrs GMT (8:20 AM EST) combined NYSE-AMEX-NASDAQ trading has Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (LXRX - NASDAQ), Adventrx Pharmaceuticals (ANX - AMEX) and Rexahn Pharmaceuticals (RNN - AMEX) showing the greatest percentage gains.

LXRX is up 42.38% on 14,100 shares traded at $2.15 per share. ANX is up 20.30% on 500 shares traded at $3.20 per share. RNN is up 8.57% on 100 shares traded at $1.52 per share.

Source: Stock Smart via the Investrend Information Syndicate (at http://www.investrend.stocksmart.com/ri/premarket?p_refresh=15).

Company links: Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (LXRX) / Adventrx Pharmaceuticals (ANX) / Rexahn Pharmaceuticals (RNN)


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