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Biofuels: New Generation Collaborates With Danish Boiler Maker

July 15, 2010 (FinancialWire) (Go to http://www.financialwire.net/?s=ftrdnwswnd for all of today’s featured news.) — New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: NGBF), a renewable biofuels technology firm, and Burmeister and Wain Energy A/S, an engineering organization located in Lyngby, Denmark, said they have entered into a memorandum of understanding to cooperatively expand the use of NGBF's leading renewable biofuels technology with BWE's engineering expertise in power generation and green renewable applications.

The two companies said they believe there are substantial mutual benefits that can arise from the collaborations of BWE's expertise in combustion systems and NGBF's biofuel production know-how and proprietary technology.

The companies said they plan to explore business opportunities to provide renewable energy solutions to BWE's existing customers.

Maryland-based New Generation Biofuels holds an exclusive license for North America, Central America and the Caribbean to commercialize proprietary technology to manufacture alternative biofuels from plant oils and animal fats that it markets as a new class of biofuel for power generation, commercial and industrial heating and marine use.

Denmark-based Burmeister and Wain Energy supplies steam generating plants for industry and power stations. It claims to be the oldest manufacturer of steam boilers in the world. The firm has specialized in design of Ultra Super Critical steam boilers for utility power stations.

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