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Business Activism: AmeriLithium Snubs Afghanistan

June 23, 2010 (FinancialWire) (Go to http://www.financialwire.net/?s=ftrdnwswnd for all of today’s featured news.) — AmeriLithium Corp. (AMEL.OB) has released a statement underscoring the company's, “steadfast and economical commitment” to securing Lithium resources within the U.S. and what it calls “US-friendly countries” in the wake of a dramatic announcement by the United States government last week that vast mineral riches – including lithium — had been discovered in Afghanistan.

In addition to “U.S. and U.S. friendly countries, AmeriLithium pledges to do business in places with, “stable economies and established mining industries and infrastructure.”

Matthew Worrall, CEO of AmeriLithium, said, "We need to secure our own resources to meet our own future demand."

In its dramatic statement, AmeriLithium cited a June 13 New York Times article stating that, Afghanistan's "war-bedraggled economy" is largely based on narcotics trafficking and opium production, while representing a GDP of only ~$12 billion.

The article reports that, politically, the country's government continues to be plagued by charges of corruption and favoritism, while its leader, President Karzai, "seems increasingly embittered toward the White House."

Worral went on to say, "We can't afford to become reliant on unstable and volatile relations with other countries for Lithium like we've done with oil."

Nevada-based AmeriLithium currently holds Lithium properties in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Lithium is a lightweight metal used in a range of consumer products. Interest in the metal has increased dramatically in recent years due to its use in rechargeable Lithium batteries used in electrical tools and in the rapidly expanding portable electronics market.

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