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Masterson Steps Down As CFO, COO Of Pacific Capital Bancorp

December 10, 2009 (FinancialWire) — Pacific Capital Bancorp (NASDAQ: PCBC) said that Stephen V. Masterson and the company have mutually agreed to Masterson’s resignation from Pacific Capital Bancorp, which will be effective as of March 12, 2010. Masterson serves as executive vice president and chief financial and Operating officer of Pacific Capital Bancorp.

The company said it is initiating a search for a new chief financial officer to assume the position upon Masterson’s departure.

About Pacific Capital Bancorp

California-based Pacific Capital Bancorp is the parent company of Pacific Capital Bank, N.A., a nationally chartered bank that operates 46 branches under the local brand names of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, First National Bank of Central California, South Valley National Bank, San Benito Bank and First Bank of San Luis Obispo.

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