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LaBarge Wins $1.3 Million Missile Contract From Raytheon

December 1, 2009 (FinancialWire) — LaBarge, Inc. (AMEX: LB) has received a $1.3 million contract from Raytheon Missile Systems (NYSE: RTN) to continue to provide complex cable assemblies for the upgraded Rolling Airframe Missile Guided Missile Weapon System.

RAM is a supersonic, lightweight, quick reaction, fire-and-forget missile providing defense against anti-ship cruise missiles, helicopter and airborne threats, and hostile surface craft.

The missile’s autonomous dual-mode, passive radio frequency and infrared guidance design provides a high-firepower capability for engaging multiple threats simultaneously.

Produced in partnership by Raytheon and RAMSYS of Germany, RAM is aboard more than 100 ships as a self-defense weapon for the navies of the United States, Germany, Korea, Greece, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

St. Louis-based LaBarge is a provider of electronics to technology-driven companies in diverse markets. LaBarge has operations in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

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