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Pacific Asia Petroleum CEO Presenting At Coal Bed Methane Conference

August 17, 2009 (FinancialWire) — Frank C. Ingriselli, president and CEO of Pacific Asia Petroleum, Inc. (OTCBB: PFAP), will be one of the featured experts presenting at the 2nd Annual Coal Bed Methane Conference being held August 18-21 in Singapore. This conference is being held amid major new growth in the coal bed methane industry in China, India, Indonesia, Australia and other parts of the Far East.

Ingriselli’s speech, “Successful & Strategic Partnerships for CBM Development in China: The Path to a $1 billion Industry in 5 Years,” will outline his vision for CBM in China, his $1 billion forecast, and the potential opportunities that aggressive, innovative companies can leverage.

Drawing upon his 30 years of experience in China energy markets, the presentation will include an overview of the investments, operations, and actions currently being taken across the CBM marketplace and how companies like CUCBM, Petro China, Shell, Arrow, Total, Green Dragon Gas, Sino Gas & Energy, Far East Energy, and Pacific Asia Petroleum are developing successful strategic partnerships that are anticipated to propel the CBM and tight gas sand industry in China to exceed expectations, 2x-3x production forecasts, and create a $1 billion industry.

Central to this discussion will be the cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategic partnerships undertaken by Pacific Asia Petroleum, a prominent foreign holder of rights to CBM acreage in China.

Ingriselli will show how the strategic partnerships he has helped to create with the Chinese government over the past 30 years have worked, including the first successful international energy contract in China which continues to generate over $1 billion in annual revenues TODAY. This partnership approach has been the foundation for Pacific Asia Petroleum and its operations in China, and one which Ingriselli hopes will propel his company into a leadership position in this tremendous, ongoing growth industry.

With his deep knowledge of the energy industry, Ingriselli will also explain how CBM translates into clean energy and how capturing coal-seam methane and combusting it for energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a 21: 1 ratio - a critical, publicly-stated objective of the Chinese government. Ingriselli will conclude his presentation with an overview of how companies can pool risk and leverage expertise and resources to build a new series of world-class strategic partnerships with long-term competitive advantages.

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