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Fundtech Reports On Credit Crunch Opportunity

August 6, 2009 (FinancialWire) — Fundtech Ltd. (NASDAQ: FNDT), a market leader in global transaction banking solutions, released a report entitled “Bankers Speak - Trends and Insights in US Transaction Banking,” which summarizes survey results from 80 mid-size U.S. banking executives. The survey uncovers the bankers’ opinions about the challenges and opportunities they see in the market TODAY.

Highlights of the survey include:

 * Seventy-nine percent believe that the banking crisis has

   created growth opportunities for mid-sized institutions.

   Thirty-seven percent believe there is “unprecedented

   opportunity” to grow their transaction banking business now.

 * Fifty percent say their bank is investing more in transaction

   banking than other technology areas at this time.

 * Seventy-five percent say that the most effective way to

   compete in the market TODAY is to extend personalized service

   and relationships.

 * Seventy-five percent see an increased amount of fraud now

   versus 12 months ago; 72% have increased the amount of

   resources directed to combating fraud.

 * Sixty-one percent say they are increasing the number of

   “hard dollar” charges for their corporate clients, reducing

   the number of no-charge services.

The survey was taken in May at Fundtech’s annual Client Conference during a panel discussion that included five senior bankers from: AgriBank (St. Paul, Minn.), First Bank (St. Louis, Mo.), 1st Source Bank (South Bend, Ind.), Frost Bank (Austin, Tex.) and Umpqua Bank (Portland, Ore.).

The panelists agreed that the first step in building a strategy around service is investing in product functionality that outpaces their competitors. John Baker, SVP of product strategies and treasury management at Umpqua Bank, stressed the importance of being able to offer the latest technology. “Umpqua, which recently won a large loan customer due to its investment in a breadth of treasury management services, is a good example of the ability of a mid-sized bank to compete with larger players by investing in the right technologies,” Baker said.

“This survey clearly shows that there is significant opportunity for small-to-mid size banks to expand their transaction banking business; and that successful banks are expanding the level of personalized service by investing in technologies that encourage relationship-oriented banking,” said George Ravich chief marketing officer at Fundtech.

The full report, including additional survey results, can be downloaded from the Fundtech website at: www.fundtech.com/library in the Reports section.

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