Aztec Oil & Gas Drops 4th Well in Goliad County, Texas

May 14, 2009 (FinancialWire) - Aztec Oil & Gas, Inc. (OTC: AZGS) (Current Market Cap: US$2.67 Mil.) has completed its fourth natural gas well in Goliad County for its newest investor drilling partnership, the Aztec VIIIA Oil & Gas LP.

The Periera #1 was drilled to an approximate depth of 2,600 feet. The lower zone was tested and found to be wet. The middle zone was perforated and is flowing natural gas and the upper zone was also perforated and is flowing natural gas.

As of Monday, May 11 the well was put on an 8/64ths choke, had a tubing pressure of 600 PSIG and an estimated flow rate of 208,000 cfgd (cubic feet gas per day).

Estimated reserves for the well, utilizing the log, 3D, seismic and flow tests should be between 330 million and 575 million cubic feet, or 3.3/10ths to over 1/2 bfc (billion cubic feet).

The company pointed out that, as with all wells, to truly calculate reserves, it will need to produce for several months.

Aztec is an oil and gas exploration, development and production company focusing on numerous areas throughout the U.S.

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