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ValuEngine Upgrades American Italian Pasta, Isis Pharma, Ameristar Casinos, CSG Systems, Maxygen To A ‘5’ Rating

May 14, 2009 (FinancialWire) (Investrend Research Syndicate) — ValuEngine, Inc. (http://www.valuengine.com) upgraded five companies, including American Italian Pasta Co (NASDAQ: AIPC), Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: ISIS), Ameristar Casinos Inc. (NASDAQ: ASCA), and CSG Systems International Inc (NASDAQ: CSGS), to a “5″ rating, the service’s highest.

The ValuEngine Rating is an overall assessment of a stock’s attractiveness. It combines the following five factors: ValuEngine’s proprietary valuation, risk-return tradeoff, momentum, market capitalization and ValuEngine’s proprietary forecasted one-month return.

Also upgraded to a “5″ rating was Maxygen Inc (NASDAQ: MAXY).

Approximately 80 to 85 companies achieve this highest ValuEngine rating out of VE’s total coverage of over 5,000 publicly traded companies. These ratings are computed daily and are often discussed on financial broadcasts on General Electric (NYSE: GE) unit CNBC, Fox’s (NYSE: FOX) Fox News Channel, Bloomberg TV, and AOL Time Warner (NYSE: AOL) unit CNNfn by leading market forecasters such as Richard Suttmeier.

The full ValuEngine analysis is available by subscription at www.ValuEngine.com or in company specific research reports at http://www.VEReports.com. ValuEngine is an affiliate of Investrend Research and the reports, as well as proprietary research on some 20,000 public companies, may be accessed at http://www.investrendresearch.com , the Web’s center for independent research.

ValuEngine.com is a stock valuation, investment forecasting service. The company was co-founded by Dr. Zhiwu Chen, a professor of finance at Yale University’s School of Management. Dr. Chen, with the ValuEngine research team, developed and tested the VE Stock Valuation Model, econometric models for forecasting, and the VE portfolio construction, tracking and advisory products.

ValuEngine is a member of the FIRST Research Consortium and participates in the organization’s standards development panel for independent research providers. The Standards for Independent Research Providers may be viewed at http://www.firstresearchconsortium.com .

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