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Conference Calls Today: 3-4:45 P.M. EDT

May 5, 2009 (FinancialWire) — BestCalls conference calls scheduled today at 3 to 4:45 p.m., via the Investrend Broadcast Syndicate, include UniSource Energy Corp. (NYSE: UNS), Shenandoah Telecommunications (NASDAQ: SHEN), Answers Corporation (NASDAQ: ANSW), Dolan Media Company (NYSE: DM), Sonic Foundry Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFO), ArvinMeritor Inc. (NYSE: ARM), STAAR Surgical Company (NASDAQ: STAA), The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), TheStreet.com Inc. (NASDAQ: TSCM), TechTeam Global Inc. (NASDAQ: TEAM), ZymoGenetics Inc. (NASDAQ: ZGEN), SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRF), Allos Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: ALTH), ValueClick Inc. (NASDAQ: VCLK), Cogent Inc. (NASDAQ: COGT), True Religion Apparel Inc. (NASDAQ: TRLG), BIDZ.com Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDZ), Genomic Health Inc. (NASDAQ: GHDX), HLTH Corporation (NASDAQ: HLTH).

Conference calls are often impacted by market trends, geopolitical conditions, news coming from conferences and economic releases. FinancialWire(tm) provides complete, daily conference call schedules as a service to shareholders and inverstors via the FirstAlert(tm) Network’s FirstAlert(tm) Daily Electronic Newsletter (http://www.financialwire.net/news-alerts/), as well as free annual reports on those and thousands of other companies via the Free Annual Reports Service (http://investrend.ar.wilink.com/?level=279).

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