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Global Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices Market is Estimated to Reach $3.5 Billion by 2024, Says Variant Market Research

SAN FRANCISCO, July 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices Market Report, published by Variant Market Research, forecast that the global market is expected to reach $3.5 Billion by 2024 from $2 Billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 7.2% from 2016 to 2024. Some of the major drivers of the market are increasing adoption of SAWs devices in numerous applications such as defense, and communication, among others, rise in demand of smart sensors, and rise in demand for consumer electronics in emerging economies.

Get complete access to the Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices Market @ https://www.variantmarketresearch.com/report-categories/semiconductor-electronics/surface-acoustic-wave-devices-market

The Global Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices Market is segmented into devices analysis, end-use industry and geography. Devices analysis is further segmented into filters, oscillators, transducers, resonators, and other. Filters held the largest share of the market in 2016, and expected to continue its dominance over the forecast period 2016 – 2024. Additionally, end-use industry segment includes aerospace & defense, environmental & industry, telecommunication, automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare & medical and others. In 2016, aerospace & defense held the highest market share.

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW) are the major sub segment of geography segment of the market. Asia Pacific is anticipated to grow at a fastest CAGR over the forecast period. The growth is majorly driven by availability of raw materials, low labour cost, increasing use of these devices in a number of industries in the region.

Get free table of content of Global Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices Market Report @ https://www.variantmarketresearch.com/report-categories/semiconductor-electronics/surface-acoustic-wave-devices-market/toc

The major players operating in the global surface-acoustic wave devices market are FEI, Carl Zeiss AG, JEOL Ltd, NEC Corporation, Hitachi High-Technologies Corp., TDK Corp., API Technologies, Panasonic Industrial Solutions, Raytheon Company, Kyocera Corp., AVX Corp., Infineon Technologies AG, Boston Piezo-Optics Inc., and Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd., and among others.

The key takeaways from the report

  • The report will provide detailed analysis of Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices Market with respect to major segments such as devices analysis and end-use industry type
  • The report will include the qualitative and quantitative analysis with market estimation over 2015-2024 and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2016 and 2024
  • Comprehensive analysis of market dynamics including factors and opportunities will be provided in the report
  • An exhaustive regional analysis of Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices market will be included in the report
  • Profile of key players of the Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices market, will be included which include key financials, product & services, new developments, and business strategies

Get free PDF sample copy of this report @ https://www.variantmarketresearch.com/report-categories/semiconductor-electronics/surface-acoustic-wave-devices-market/sample-request

Chapter 1 Prefix

Chapter 2 Executive Summary

Chapter 3 Market Outline

Chapter 4 Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices Market by Devices Analysis: Market Size and Forecast, 2015 – 2024

    4.1 Overview

    4.2 Filters

          4.2.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          4.2.2 Market Size and Forecast

    4.3 Oscillators

          4.3.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          4.3.2 Market Size and Forecast

    4.4 Resonators

          4.4.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          4.4.2 Market Size and Forecast

    4.5 Transducers

          4.5.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          4.5.2 Market Size and Forecast

    4.6 Other Devices Analysis

          4.6.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          4.6.2 Market Size and Forecast

Chapter 5 Surface-Acoustic Wave Devices Market by End-Use Industry: Market Size and Forecast, 2015 – 2024

    5.1 Overview

    5.2 Aerospace & Defense

          5.2.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          5.2.2 Market Size and Forecast

    5.3 Telecommunication

          5.3.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          5.3.2 Market Size and Forecast

    5.4 Environmental & Industry

          5.4.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          5.4.2 Market Size and Forecast

    5.5 Automotive

          5.5.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          5.5.2 Market Size and Forecast

    5.6 Consumer Electronics

          5.6.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          5.6.2 Market Size and Forecast

    5.7 Healthcare & Medical

          5.7.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          5.7.2 Market Size and Forecast

    5.8 Other End Use Industries

          5.8.1 Current Trend and Analysis

          5.8.2 Market Size and Forecast                                                                   

Chapter 7 Company Profiles

    7.1 Hitachi High-Technologies Corp.

    7.2 FEI

    7.3 Carl Zeiss AG

    7.4 JEOL Ltd

    7.5 NEC Corporation

    7.6 TDK Corp.

    7.7 API Technologies

    7.8 Raytheon Company

    7.9 Panasonic Industrial Solutions

    7.10 Kyocera Corp.

    7.11 Infineon Technologies AG

    7.12 AVX Corp.

    7.13 Boston Piezo-Optics Inc.

    7.14 Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

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