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Heartland Express Inc. Earns Carrier of the Year and Platinum Award for On-Time Service From FedEx Express

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa, July 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Heartland Express, Inc. (www.heartlandexpress.com) (Nasdaq:HTLD) is pleased to announce it has received two service awards from FedEx Express for fiscal year 2017 (period June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017).  Heartland Express has been awarded both the FedEx Express “Platinum Award for 99.97% On-Time Service” and “Core Carrier of the Year” award.

Heartland Express has received the distinguished “Carrier of the Year” award for FedEx Express ten times in the last eleven years and seven years in a row.  Each year Heartland Express has reached nearly perfect service levels with 2017 improving to 99.97% on time, on over 16,000 shipments during the year, from 99.96 in 2016, 99.92% in 2015 and 99.82% in 2014.    

FedEx Express is the world’s largest express transportation company, providing fast and reliable delivery to points in the U.S. and worldwide.  They are known to be among a group of shippers with the most service-sensitive freight in the transportation industry and the standards set by FedEx Express are critical to their performance to their customers.  Heartland Express’s Service for Success model is complementary to the reputation of FedEx Express for delivery of time-sensitive shipments and Heartland Express is pleased to be a part of that success over the years.

Heartland Express CEO Michael Gerdin had this to say about receiving both awards from one of Heartland’s top customers, “FedEx Express and Heartland Express are an amazing combination – we are so proud of our latest consecutive service awards and our tenth award over the last 11 years. This partnership demands consistent performance at the highest levels for on-time delivery.  Achieving year-over-year improvement on near perfect levels is only possible through the hard work and safety of our professional drivers matched with teamwork between FedEx Express and our committed support teams. We are extremely proud to be the FedEx Express Core Carrier of the Year for seven consecutive years; this is truly an honor and a great day for Heartland Express.  Thank you FedEx Express!”

Heartland Express is an irregular route truckload carrier based in North Liberty, Iowa serving customers with shipping lanes throughout the United States.  Heartland focuses on medium to short haul regional freight, offering shippers industry leading on-time service so they can achieve their strategic goals for their customers.  More information about Heartland Express can be found on the company website at www.heartlandexpress.com.   

                    Heartland Express, Inc.
                    Michael Gerdin, Chief Executive Officer or John P. Cosaert, Chief Financial Officer

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