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The Bright Future of Magnolia Solar MGLT (OTC.BB)

The Bright Future of Magnolia Solar MGLT (OTC.BB)

/EINPresswire.com/ June 21,2012

As some of you may remember from science classes, there are three major kinds of light: ultraviolet, visible, and infrared. But, for us, only 300 to 2400 nm of that light spectrum is actually usable. This means that solar power companies and alternative energy advocates have their work cut out for them. How does one champion solar power technology as a viable alternative when the industry's standard crystalline silicon solar cells only capture visible light - a third of the potential energy out there?

The answer was obvious to Magnolia Solar Corp MGLT (OTC.BB). That's why they've spent the last four years building a thin-film solar cell that employs nanotechnology, various micro materials, and a proprietary composite design in order to harness a broader spectrum of light energy. This Woburn, Massachusetts small cap truly has its eye on the prize. Now, the company is working to perfect and commercialize its technology, which can easily be deposited on glass and other flexible structures for increased efficiency at a substantially lower cost per watt.

With a Management Team that includes President and CEO Dr. Ashok K. Sood, Executive VP and CFO Dr. Yash R. Puri, Executive VP E. James Egerton, and CTO Dr. Roger E. Welser, MGLT does more than work on cutting-edge technology. It also can handle the business side of their high-tech science products. After merging with the publicly-traded Mobilis Relocation Service Holdings Inc., and becoming Magnolia Solar Corp. in early 2011, MGLT has maintained a steady forward momentum. Their pilot facility in Albany, New York is located at the heart of a sector that represents more than $3 billion in the nanotech and microprocessor industry. It has been racking up grants and appearing at many conferences around the U.S. The company's shares are currently trading at $0.09 with a market cap of $2.43 million.

So, what makes MGLT a company to watch? What separates this small cap from other solar companies like Westinghouse Solar Inc. (NASDAQ:WEST), DayStar Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: DSTI) and Trina Solar Limited (NYSE:TSL)? Well, it's simple: economics.

The company offers greater efficiency, lower costs, and a legitimately "green" line of products. They're highly enthusiastic and focusing on having their thin film solar cell available on schedule. As part of what Dr. Sood calls "the Photovoltaic Revolution," MGLT looks to have an incredibly bright future. A small company with great potential, MGLT is a solar stock that you should put on your radar today!

About Magnolia Solar Corporation

Based in Woburn, MA and Albany, NY, Magnolia Solar was founded in 2008 to develop and commercialize revolutionary new thin film solar cell technologies that employ nanostructured materials and designs. Both higher current and voltage outputs are expected from thin film solar cells that combine Magnolia's exclusive material structures with advanced optical coatings. Magnolia's patent-pending technology has the ability to capture a larger part of the solar spectrum to produce high efficiency solar cells, and incorporates a unique nanostructure-based antireflection coating technology to further increase the solar cell's efficiency, thereby reducing the cost per watt. Magnolia Solar technology targets electrical power generation applications, such as power for electrical grids and distributed power applications ranging from commercial and residential lighting to specialized military applications.
For more information, please visit www.MagnoliaSolar.com.

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